His hard earned experience in all genres of Bass Music has primed him to become one of the West Coast’s music community’s most sought after veteran DJ’s. His goals have been to successfully igniting dance floors and make waves since day one.

With years spent studying music and touring in bands, including The Bay Area based World Fusion group Hamsa Lila. Touring internationally with the group for 4 years, Geno was able to tap into new music styles and learn various instruments including the Morrocan Guimbri and the Turkish Saz. Geno has played in everything from punk and alternative rock, to heavy metal bands since he was 13. When Geno stepped into the electronic music scene in 2004, he helped to push an emerging sound from London that came to be known lovingly as Dubstep.

His various releases have included 2013’s chart topping E.P. BOUNCE alongside veteran producer SPL. New music from his project “Smokey and The Bandit” as well as his forthcoming releases under his own imprint West Side Dubz are slated for 2016 release dates. Geno continues to move into the future with no hesitation. He constantly embraces new and emerging genres of dance music and isn’t afraid to blend it all together with a fresh blast of musicality.

Some of the awesome places Geno has been lucky enough to play are- Ten plus years at Burning Man. A residency for the summer of 2012 at The Bardot at Avalon Hollywood. More recently Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity Festival, SMOG, BETA Nightclub, Envision festival in Costa Rica, Shambhala, Symbiosis, Rain Dance, What The Festival, Space Island, Bassrush, Respect, and Low End Theory.


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Agent: James Spektrum


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