Living Light is on a mission to uplift and inspire her listeners. Eartha Harris’ productions are danceable yet soothing, melodic, euphoric, and sometimes mysterious – the world-beat inspired sexy dub frequencies of Living Light offer glimpses into fantastical worlds filled with fluttering flutes, deep pulsing bass lines, and sparkling electronic fairy dust, topped off with the occasional sample-drop of knowledge; just enough to pull anyone out of the daily grind and inspire daydreams of what could be.

The name “Living Light” has multiple interpretations, and simultaneously refers to living non-materialistically, maintaining a positive outlook, as well as all life originating from star-stuff.

Lifelong musician, Eartha Harris produced music as Project Sphere from 1998-2006 and toured as live keyboardist for electronica act Psylab from 2007-2013. Living Light was born December 21, 2012 and has been rocking festivals across the continent ever since.


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