I’m Donnie Bergeron, aka Savej (pron. savage). I grew up in the swamps of New Orleans, always on some kind of swamp adventure. I’ve also been producing music since age 14, and have been all over the genre spectrum. I have my roots in hip hop, acoustic, funk, and experimental electronic, but have always loved anything that got me moving or really connected to me. That being said, after the big boom of dance music around 2010, too many people have been fixated on specific genres and “how to make X element for X genre”. This is something I’m working hard to change. Music has always been about expressing individuality and relating to people at the same time, which is why producers need to dig deep to form their own answers to those questions. It’s also about triggering emotions, broadening the imagination, and creating mental imagery with no limits. I feel this can’t be achieved when producers confine themselves to the “rules” of creating certain genres. A creatively written track allows the listener to form a storyline in his or her own imagination, to make the experience their own. That’s how dance music differs from lyrical songs and compositions. Through sound design, harmonic proportions, varying scales, and crazy progressions, a producer can really communicate a million different emotions and stories at one time. This is what I aim at with Savej.


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Agent: James Spektrum


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