Kaya Project is the world fusion collective spearheaded by U.K. producer / composer Seb Taylor, with eight albums in its catalog (many on Canadian label Interchill Records), with numerous appearances on compilations such as Claude Challe’s Buddha Bar series & Six Degrees’ World Traveller series. Encompassing original studio sessions and field recordings captured throughout India, north Africa, the Middle East, Kaya Project is truly a vibrant melting pot of influences. Seb is regularly joined on stage by world renowned Kazhaksthani vocalist Irina Mikhailova, whose sublime vocal performances graced the very first Kaya Project track, and have been present in each of the albums since the bands inception. Classical guitarist Israel “Iz” Galipeau hails from a frozen land of Québec. From blues and folk to experimental metal, his musical flavours and compositions work to create new sonic directions wherever he collaborates.


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