Murkury sits at the conflux of psychedelic bass and deep dubstep. Alec Seifart is one of the founders of The Undergrowth in Asheville, North Carolina, a collective whose members relentlessly push each other to create and grow as performers and artists. Murkury has been responsible for a number of legendary shows and legendary sets of his own as a staple of the southeast and mid-Atlantic festival scene, whose influence is now beginning to spread.

Paying homage to The Messenger God of Ancient Rome and the planet closest to the sun, this dual threat DJ/Producer has been delivering elemental bass music across the South East for over eight years. Walking the line between light and dark forces during his performances, Murkury has shared the stage with the likes of EPROM, Yheti, Shades, TRUTH, Joe Nice, The Widdler, Mr. Bill, Peekaboo, Detox Unit, Esseks, Hebbe, Of The Trees, Rez, Hullabaloo, Sukh Knight, Eliot Lipp, DJ Dara, Flamingosis, and many more. Festival performances include The Untz 2018, Yonderville 2018, SummerCamp 2017, Barnstock 2017 & Madison Square County 2018. With a growing collection of original productions and Undergrowth collaborations in his massive arsenal of underground gems, the endurance to spin for hours on end, and an unmeasurable passion for uplifting the electronic music & art community, this practicing techno-shaman is truly of a unique breed.


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